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Now patients with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes may be able to stop and often reverse these complications, leaving them free to enjoy the quality of life they once had.


We at Trina Health are blessed to be able to offer our patients a “second bite of the apple”. We can’t wait to see what you will do with your new life!


Trina Health offers Artificial Pancreas Treatment centers dedicated to helping patients suffering from improper resting carbohydrate metabolism, which is diabetes.

What Our Client Say

“Before the diabetic therapy, I had severe neuropathy in my feet, was very irritable, tired and having trouble sleeping. After 6 treatments, I have noticed a marked improvement.”

Neuropathy, Sleep, and Mood Relief

( Sylvia Egan – Sacramento, CA )

“The diabetic treatment has fully restored feeling and blood flow to my toe. I no longer need to get it amputated and I am now walking with ease.”

Neuropathy, Wound, and Near Amputation Relief

( Guadalupe Macias – Newport Beach, CA )

“My heart was clearly diagnosed in serious decline. I decided to give the therapy a try. After several treatments, I was feeling very good and energized, my doctor was flabbergasted by the dramatic change.”


( Edward Iaconis – Sacramento, CA )

“My doctor told me I was well on my way to going blind… if I didn’t have this treatment, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my quality of life..”


( Todd White – Sacramento, CA )