5 Key Questions

Welcome to Trina Health! Artificial Pancreas Treatment at Trina Health of Las Vegas can help eliminate diabetes complications once and for all.  You may be able to stop or even reverse complications, leaving you free to enjoy the quality of life you once had. 5 Key Questions for Diabetics:

  1. Has your diabetes contributed to hypertension?
  2. Do you have substantially less energy than you use to?
  3. Has diabetes affected your love life?
  4. Is your vision compromised due to diabetes?
  5. Do you experience numbness or tingling as a result of diabetes?

If you answered “YES” to one or more of these questions, we have good news for you. – We Can Help! Contact us for more information! 



Frequently Asked Questions

Innovative Diabetic Treatment

In the United States over 24 million people are affected with diabetes at a cost of over $170 Billion annually. Each year about 1.6 million new diabetes cases are diagnosed in adults. In approximately 20% of diabetic patients, the disease reaches a stage where serious complications develop and begin to progress, including the loss of feeling in the hands and feet, persistent wounds, many forms of pain, poor sleep, low energy, eyesight degradation, and the loss of kidney and heart function.