Neuropathy, Sleep, and Mood Relief

“Before the diabetic therapy, I had severe neuropathy in my feet, was very irritable, tired and having trouble sleeping. After 6 treatments, I have noticed a marked improvement.”

Neuropathy, Sleep, and Mood Relief

( Sylvia Egan – Sacramento, CA )

Other Testimonials

“The diabetic treatment has fully restored feeling and blood flow to my toe. I no longer need to get it amputated and I am now walking with ease.”

Neuropathy, Wound, and Near Amputation Relief

( Guadalupe Macias – Newport Beach, CA )

“My heart was clearly diagnosed in serious decline. I decided to give the therapy a try. After several treatments, I was feeling very good and energized, my doctor was flabbergasted by the dramatic change.”


( Edward Iaconis – Sacramento, CA )

“My doctor told me I was well on my way to going blind… if I didn’t have this treatment, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my quality of life..”


( Todd White – Sacramento, CA )